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Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Adam's artwork. Here you will find multicoloured superheroes saving the day from an ancient criminal gang. Also join me in my adventures with my friends from the Mushroom Kingdom.


I found some really nice pictures here online and any I find, will be added to my favs.


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I just need enough points to afford premium membership and donate to other friends please.


Donate any amount of points for a free request or art trade. The more you donate, the happier I will be.

1- 5 points = A llama (unless I already gave it to you)
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Before you ask for Requests, Art Trades, Commisions, etc, you must read the rules first.

:bulletyellow: I only take requests, art trades and commisions from people I know and friends with. If you don't know me, and you want a request, art trade or commision from me, then you came to the wrong place. You must be on very good terms with me. If you watch me, but I don't watch you, it is not considered friendship. True friendship is made if we watch each other, and of course do not beg me to watch you too.

:bulletyellow: Do not rush or nag me when I do your request. I hate it when people do that.

:bulletyellow: When I finish your request, and you would like it changed, that's fine, I can do that. However, do not ask for lots more changes after another. It's annoying and ungrateful!

:bulletyellow: There will be at times I might accept a request, art trade or commission even if they are closed, but that is usually for very close friendships.

:bulletyellow: When I finish your request, do not ask for another after another. It's being very greedy and annoying. I am nobody's slave! Request monkeys are banned from my channel so don't be one.

:bulletyellow: If I decline your request, no means no! Do not throw a bawwwfest if I say no. I hate people who are like that. If you throw a bawwwfest and a hissy fit at me just for saying no, then it may result in a block.

:bulletyellow: Please read at the list below to see what I accept and what I will not accept.

==Things I will draw==
Mr Men
Power Rangers
Rita Repulsa's hairstyle
Angry Birds
Powerpuff Girls
Mortal Kombat
Fandoms I heard of and like
Original OCs

==Things I will NOT Draw==
Gross humour, such as passing gas or nose picking
Weird fetish stuff
Art attacking other deviants
Any Fandom I don't like
Any Fandom I have not heard of
Dirty sexual acts such as masturbation (YUK! DISGUSTING!) or blowjobs (Ewww!!!)
Ripoff recolours, stolen characters and "clones" of OCs (mine or someones)
Things that are just plain WRONG! (Such as a good person permanently turned to the side of evil)

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I don't normally do these sorts of journals, but I want people to be crystal clear with this.

I have been hearing rumours that a company called TPP is going to shut down DA for good on April the 13th. I do not believe it's true because if it was closing for good, DA would announce it, Wikipedia would announce it, the DA facebook page would announce it, None of my real friends is panicking and DA has been around for many years so I believe this silly rumour is just a hoax.

Now I hear on May, DA will be shutting down "fake accounts", yet everybody is cool that it is just a hoax.

For god sakes people, stop spreading these hoaxes around. You're frightening everybody and making them paranoid! Do you realize what you are doing is bullying?! Leave everybody on DA Alone for goodness sakes! We just want to enjoy DA like we do on facebook, and you are spoiling it by posting hoaxes and making everybody believe it's all real, so STOP IT!!!!

I'm sorry people, but I think whoever is starting these hoaxes has to stop posting them to DA because we all know they are not real. I just wish I could enjoy DA without people claiming DA will shut down for good. It's doing my head in!
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Adam Hughes
United Kingdom
I am an autistic brainiac. I'm friendly, fun, kind, caring, cheerful, bubbly, cheeky, funny and once you get to know me, you will find you will really like me.

:thumbsup: I like: Yellow, Aqua: Barbie Girl, Pogues and Dubliners: Irish Rover, Princess Peach, Get Your Own Back, ice cream, friends and family, Happy endings, Power Rangers (yellow ones especially), Rita Repulsa and her hairstyle, fancy dress parties, freedom.

:thumbsdown: I dislike: Gross humour (like breaking wind beginning with an F or body waste), Dick and Dom in da bungalow (And Dick and Dom themselves), Wario, Hayfever, cabin fever (the condition, not the movie), bullies and cyberbullies, abuse, signing on, being on the dole, computer errors, animal cruelty, smoking, evil winning, dissapointments.

:bulletyellow: My fandoms include: Power Rangers, Mortal Kombat, Mr Men, Angry Birds, Nintendo (Mario, Zelda, etc), Powerpuff Girls, Superted, Killer Instinct, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (sitcom), Get Your Own Back & Banjo Kazooie

I apologize the ID is small. I want to make it bigger but I don't know how so click it for bigger view.

==Channel Rules==
I like making new friends and visits from anybody, but to be on good terms with me you need to read the rules of my channel first.

:bulletyellow: You must show mutual respect and kindness.

:bulletyellow: Do not post chain letters on my channel. They are very annoying.

:bulletyellow: If you wish to use my characters/OCs, go ahead, but you must have approval from me first. I don't tolerate anyone using my characters and making them out of character.

:bulletyellow: I don't do journal tags. Do not tag me with them because Ain't nobody got time for that.

:bulletyellow: I do not tolerate cyberbullying, immature behaviour, discrimination or rudeness towards me. Doing so will result you being blocked.

:bulletyellow: We all have different tastes. If you like something I don't (And Vice Versa), do not have a go at me.

:bulletyellow: I like to roleplay, but I don't have to roleplay all the time

:bulletyellow: Do not nag or harass me to reply to comments. I'll reply if I want to.

:bulletyellow: I like people watching me, but it won't be considered friendship if I don't watch you back. Don't think I'm your friend just because you watch me. I will be friends with you if I know you are a very kind respectful person and/or have similar tastes to me.

:bulletyellow: Do not nag or tell me to watch you. I have a life and I will watch whoever I want.

:bulletyellow: Like my works? Great! But you are not allowed to copy or steal anything I do or write. Copying my works is strictly forbidden and considered unoriginal, uninspired and theft, and I may report you to DA services and get you banned. You know very well copying and stealing ideas is a heinous crime on DA so be original please! You'll feel better for it.

:bulletyellow: If you see any of my characters, they belong to me and whatever I do with them is canon and you are not to portray them out of character because I decide how they should behave, not you. I have total control over them and if you portray them in a way I strongly disapprove of, (EG: My fanmade villain and evil lookalike Alan being all nice and friendly or my MK Persona Adam Legend acting like an idiot) then I have every right to stand up and say "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

:bulletyellow: I love being included in projects, but please don't let it be like a boring Mario plot, where I would have to rescue my friends from freaking bad guys, over and over and over without a freaking end. A gallery swamped with villains forcing affections on my friends will not impress me at all so stop being such a damsel in distress!!! Kick butt for DA's sake!

:icon3dsplz: 3DS Friend Code: 3883-5497-9015

Current Residence: Wales, UK
Favourite genre of music: TV, Movie and Video Game Music
Shell of choice: What do you think I am? A teenage mutant ninja turtle?
Skin of choice: I'm white.
Favourite cartoon character: Princess Peach and Rita Repulsa
Personal Quote: I'm Yellow Fire, and I'm back with a vengeance!

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Two things:

1. Who is your favorite of the three female ninjas from Mortal Kombat?

2. What "Klassic" outfit do you prefer them in? MK2 or UMK3?
I think I like Kitana best.

I'm not sure. I kinda like them both.
Last night I had a dream that you and me lived in a hotel room with two beds. (Mine was green, yours was red) and I had a dream within the dream that a dog and a muppet were fighting.
Yeah what's the weirdest part?
The dream of me and you in hotel rooms.
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im autistic too!
I'll tell this to you:

For some reason, I can see Stella as Princess Peach!
I can see why.
They both has large blue eyes, and they are both adorable. :aww:
And they are pink too.
DrMuttonchops Apr 3, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I finally drew Texas Pearl.…
Looks great. Nice one.
Hidden by Owner
What's your favorite part?
Matilda reminding herself never to invite Mileena over again.
(1 Reply)
Did you see the note?
Yes I got your notes.
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